Randia Fitzlanii - syn Atroctocarpus - commonly known as the Native Gardenia due to the scented, white starry flowers displayed on this evergreen rainforest tree. Considered a small tree, it can grow upwards of 5m in optimal conditions with a canopy forming habit.

Atractocarpus fitzalanii (syn. Randia) - Also known as Native Gardenia

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Atractocarpus fitzalanii, also known as Randia, is a stunning native tree that adds beauty and versatility to Australian landscapes. This evergreen tree features glossy, dark green foliage and produces fragrant, star-shaped white flowers throughout the warmer months, attracting bees and butterflies to the garden. Following flowering, it produces small, round fruits that turn from green to orange-red as they ripen, providing additional visual interest and attracting native wildlife.

Thriving in well-draining soil and partial to full sun, Atractocarpus fitzalanii is well-suited to a variety of Australian climates, including coastal regions and subtropical areas. It is relatively drought-tolerant once established, making it suitable for water-wise gardens. Regular pruning can help maintain its shape and encourage dense foliage growth, although it generally has a naturally compact and rounded form.

Atractocarpus fitzalanii is perfect for Australian gardeners seeking a native tree that offers year-round beauty and benefits to local ecosystems. Its ornamental flowers, attractive foliage, and wildlife-friendly fruits make it an ideal choice for gardens, parks, and urban landscapes.