Lavendula 'The Queen'
Lavendula 'The Queen'

Lavendula 'The Queen'

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Lavendula 'The Queen' is crowned with gigantic wings

Grows approx. 60cm High x 90cm Wide in both Full sun & Part shade 

  • Super-sized wings that totally cover the plant
  • Neat and compact grey-green foliage
  • Two-toned flower heads with deep-burgundy heads topped with lilac ribbon-like bracts that age to a deeper pink

For sheer flower volume and impact, this lavender selection is hard to better. With the darkest of pink flower spikes crowned with exceptionally sized and wavy bracts, this selection in a sure-fire winner for gardeners with an eye for superior performance. A high-impact pot, garden bed and landscape plant that is both cold and heat hardy, she deserves to be crowned ‘The Queen’ of lavenders.    


Low to medium water requirements. Tolerates dry spells but will appreciate a soak during extended dry periods. Remove spent flower heads to encourage further displays. Fertilise in late winter for optimum results

Suggested uses
  • A fine plant for containers and feature planting
  • Spectacular flower colour show for borders and path edges
  • Water wise and sunny gardens
  • High impact low informal hedges
  • Rockeries and coastal gardens