Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Summer Red' Crepe Myrtle

Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Summer Red' Crepe Myrtle

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Introducing the enchanting Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Summer Red,' a botanical masterpiece that brings a burst of elegance to your garden. Embracing the warmth of Australian summers, this exceptional Crepe Myrtle variety is a celebration of nature's beauty. Picture vibrant red blooms that dance like delicate crepe paper in the summer breeze, creating a breath-taking tapestry of colour.

With its graceful silhouette and luscious green foliage, the 'Enduring Summer Red' stands as a testament to resilience and enduring charm. As the seasons unfold, watch the leaves transition through an artist's palette of hues, painting your landscape with shades of red and bronze.

Perfectly suited to the Australian climate, this Crepe Myrtle thrives in the sun, casting a radiant glow upon your outdoor sanctuary. Whether you're seeking a statement tree or a stunning addition to your garden, the 'Enduring Summer Red' is a true botanical gem.

Delight in the low maintenance care of this beauty, and relish the joy it brings as it graces your space with its year-round allure. Discover the artistry of nature with Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Summer Red,' a living masterpiece that turns every garden into a canvas of floral brilliance.

Grows around 1.5-2.0m tall 

Good Sunlight for most of the day

prefers well drained soil