EarthLife Lawn Blend


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Earthlife Lawn Blend is a complete lawn conditioner and fertiliser with 60 minerals including nitrogen, natural rock phosphate, potassium, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, boron, plant available silica and over 30 beneficial species of soil micro-flora. 

Lawn Blend is able to enhance the growth of all lawns, as it not only feeds your lawn, but conditions the soil as well. This is achieved through Lawn Blend’s ability to improve soil structure and provide the ideal environment for earthworm activity.

This naturally encourages better lawn growth. 

Lawn Blend has similar abilities to Gypsum and Dolomite, in that it will reduce sodium levels in the soil profile, adjust and maintain pH while increasing the sweetness and friability of the soil.

Other benefits of Lawn Blend include the ability to increase root structure, improve soil moisture retention and enhance the moisture-nutrient exchange between
the soil and the lawn’s root system. As you would understand, by improving the root structure of the lawn, its ability to access nutrient is increased and is therefore more able to withstand adverse conditions. 

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