EarthLife Garden Delight
EarthLife Garden Delight
EarthLife Garden Delight

EarthLife Garden Delight

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EarthLIfe Garden Delight

A 100% natural composed plant food containing 60 mineral elements and humates including natural rock phosphate, plant available silica, organic material and over 30 beneficial microbes and fungi species.

Does not contain animal waste eg. manures. A balanced diet for your plants, minimising the need for synthetic supplements.

Garden Delight is very environmentally friendly, and is safe for use in playgrounds, parks and your home gardens and is also Vegan friendly.

What does it do? 

  • Promotes healthier plants more able to withstand adverse conditions.
  • Encourages earthworm activity.

Why use Garden Delight?

Garden Delight is a superior fertiliser to other forms of organic material (eg. feedlot or poultry manure). It contains a balanced range of nutrients to promote
water retention, restore soil fertility and grow healthier plants.

Soil is comprised of a multitude of minerals, microorganisms, organic material and humus. The fact that each component of the soil is equally as important as
the next is often overlooked. Earth Life Pty Ltd has developed Garden Delight with sufficient quantities of major and minor elements for strong, healthy plant