Earthlife flower blend


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Earthlife flower blend

What does it do?
Promotes a more robust, healthier root system, which delays petal fall and allows the plant to better withstand adverse conditions. Provides a balance of nutrients as required by flowering plants. This improves the depth of colour and quality of the flowers while enhancing the keeping qualities after picking.

Where and when to use it
In the preparation of all flower beds, at planting and around all established plants. Flower Blend has been blended specifically to enhance the flowering potential of all plants.

How often do you use it?
BEFORE PLANTING in bed preparation.

Application rate

FLOWER BED PREPARATION 300gm/m2 (3 handfuls) of Flower Blend and lightly work into the soil and water, or alternatively combine with Garden Mate. AT PLANTING 25gm/5cm diameter of the hole (one tablespoon) Garden Mate in the hole. (Example: width of hole is 15cm, use 3 tablespoons). Apply 300gm/m2 (3 handfuls) of Flower Blend after backflling and water in thoroughly. ESTABLISHED PLANTS 300gm/m2 POT PLANTS 1-2 handfuls/300mm pot diameter

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