Acmena smithii minor Allyn Magic

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Acmena smithii minor 'Allyn Magic', commonly known as Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly, is a compact and versatile evergreen shrub prized for its attractive foliage and versatility in the garden. This variety features small, glossy leaves that emerge with a striking reddish-bronze hue before maturing to a rich green. It produces clusters of fluffy white flowers in spring, followed by small, edible purple berries. Typically reaching a height and spread of 1 metre, this dwarf variety is perfect for low hedging, borders, and container planting.

Thriving in well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade, Acmena smithii minor 'Allyn Magic' is well-suited to various Australian climates. It is highly adaptable, tolerating both coastal conditions and periods of drought once established. Regular watering is beneficial, particularly during the plant's establishment phase and in prolonged dry periods. It also responds well to pruning, which can help maintain its compact shape and encourage dense foliage growth.

Acmena smithii minor 'Allyn Magic' is ideal for Australian gardeners seeking a low-maintenance, versatile shrub that offers year-round interest. Its vibrant new growth, attractive berries, and compact form make it an excellent choice for small gardens, formal hedges, and mixed borders