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Rapid Response & Long Term Feeding for Lawns & Turf

Robust® Lawn Booster is a professional grade controlled release fertiliser designed specifically for lawns.

Robust® Lawn Booster provides steady strong growth for up to 4 months from application. For best results, apply in spring, summer & autumn.

- Creates extra thick green lawn, helping to block out weeds.
- Ideal as lawn starter fertiliser.
- Provides superior, professional results - out performing traditional fertilisers.
- Every granule contains the same nutrients, giving more even and robust growth.

NPK: 22 : 1.3 : 5.8


- 2.5kg - 165m2 Established Lawns (330m2 Lawns less than 8 weeks old).

- 4kg - 265m2 Established Lawns (530m2 Lawns less than 8 weeks old).

- 8kg - 530m2 Established Lawns (1060m2 Lawns less than 8 weeks old).

Available sizes: 4kg.

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