Searles Premium Potting Mix


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Searles Premium Potting Mix

High quality potting mix containing a refined blend of selected high quality ingredients.

This mix has excellent water retention properties while also allowing ideal drainage, providing the optimal growing conditions for your loved plants.

- Boosted nutrition for sustained healthy growth and flowering - contains 8 month fertiliser.
- Added rapid response fertiliser which delivers essential nutrients immediately after planting.
- Excellent mutli-purpose premium grade potting mix (indoor, outdoor and semi-shade).
- Contains Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules and Water Crystals.
- Contains Robust® Controlled Release Fertiliser.
- Contains Zeolite plus added Trace Elements and Minerals.
- Contains Peat, Coir plus Premium Organic Compost.
- Also ideal for self watering pots.
- Packaging for 10 & 30lt sizes contains recycled plastic (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle logo).
- Packaging for all sizes may be recycled via REDcycle.

Available sizes: 6 litres, 10 litres , 30 litres, 50 litres and 65 litres.

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