Searles Native Food


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Searles Native Plant Food

A blend of organic and inorganic fertilisers plus essential trace elements, which combine to enhance root, leaf and flower growth. Provides essential nutrients to boost ongoing healthy plant development in an easy to apply granular formulation.

Searles Native Plant Food is suitable for a wide range of native plants, which can be added to the growing media prior to planting or applied to the surface for established plants and trees.

- Blend of organic and inorganic fertilisers.
- Low phosphorus (P) formulation.
- Promotes strong healthy plant growth.
- Promotes better flowering.
- Ideal for native trees and shrubs.

If the soil is low in organic matter, use Searles Premium Organic Compost to develop valuable humus around your plants.

NPK: 9.5 : 1 : 8.5

- Available sizes: 2.5kg & 5kg

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