Sand Rok Paver Steppers

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Sand Rok Paver Steppers

The exceptionally high slip resistance makes the stepping stones very safe to walk on. The flat and regular finish gives a safe and comfortable walking surface.

  • Consistent thickness (+/- 3.0mm) of the stones makes handling, laying and walking easier and safer. No stone is over 20 kg.

Product Sizes

In each of the JavaRok and SandRok styles there are two sizes and each size has two different, irregular shapes. So it is easy to achieve a natural, random look by combining both small and large slabs in paths or stepping stone walkways.

Large Stepping Pavers (2 x Sizes)

680 x 440

580 x 520

Small Stepping Pavers (2 x Sizes)

470 x 450

450 x 450     

Sand Rok Edge

110 x 110 x 500mm


The relatively consistent sizing means that all of the pieces you buy are useable so there is no waste, unlike some supplies of natural stone where there can be a large number of very small pieces.

The slabs can be used as pathways or stepping stones and can be surrounded by pebbles, bark, ornamental grasses, ground covers or lawns.


It is easy to select garden edges which match the texture and colour of the two styles of slabs.

These man-made rocks are an eco-friendly alternative to the destructive process of stripping large natural stones from bush habitats.

The colours of both JavaRok and SandRok are variegated blends of colour which vary from product to product just like natural stone. Some will be multi-coloured and some may be one colour. Some are lighter, some are darker.

Colours shown should be taken as indicative only, not exact

Suitable for all areas 


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