Pioneer Posts Ends - C Posts - Galvanised *100 PFC

Pioneer Sleepers

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Pioneer Steel Galvanised Posts

Steel galvanised Posts are extremely important for the long term survival of your retaining wall. please ensure you use Quality steel and concrete the posts into position correctly

Rule of thumb is whatever the height of the wall the post will be into the ground + 200mm. Hole diameter is 450mm as a minimum

Please check with your local engineer for clarification or speak to one of our iLandscape Retaining wall consultants prior to building your retaining wall

*100UC (Universal Channel) available in sizes from 750mm (suitable for a 400mm retaining wall) up to 3950mm *(2.0m retaining wall) in increments of 400mm (750mm, 1150mm, 1550mm, 1950mm … 3950mm).

**100PFC (Parallel Flange Channel) available in sizes from 600mm (suitable for a 200mm retaining wall) up to 2800mm *(1.4m retaining wall). They are available in 200mm retaining wall height increments (600mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm … 2800m)

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