Lavendula 'Purple Reign'
Lavendula 'Purple Reign'

Lavendula 'Purple Reign'

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Lavendula 'Purple Reign'

Grows approx. 60cm High x 60cm Wide and in both Full Sun & Part shade 

  • Early and long flowering
  • Australian bred for our conditions
  • Tidy and compact grey-green foliage
  • A living bouquet of flowers – the perfect gift

The deep purple wings of this stunning plant create a rich and sumptuous feel that adds a level of luxury for outdoor pots and garden beds. Peak flowering is in early spring with spot flowering throughout the warmer months and, unlike other lavenders, the flowers are born close to the plant which has a tight and compact mounded habit. This Lavender is a real garden rock-star!


Low water requirements. Drought tolerant once established. Plant in a sunny situation in well-draining soil or potting mix. In late summer clip foliage back by two-thirds to maintain good form. Apply a slow release fertiliser in early spring and autumn

Suggested uses
  • Easy-care plant with exceptional flower display
  • Spectacular flower colour show for borders and path edges
  • Water wise and sunny gardens
  • High impact low informal hedges and pots
  • Rockeries and coastal gardens