Environex S21 Cleaner


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is a remarkable hard surface cleaning concentrate which has an outstanding grease cutting action.

S21 MPC can be used for cleaning bench tops, splash backs, dirty floors, tyre and rubber marks.

Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – A minimum requirement of Safety Glasses, Gloves & Boots. Damage to clothing may occur. 

  • Floors: Dilute 100ml per Litre in warm water and scrub as necessary with an ENVIRONEX EAGER BEAVER then rinse with warm fresh water.
  • Engines, Boat Bilges, Driveways etc.: Use neat or dilute 1:1 in hot water depending on degree of grease build-up.
  • Work Benches, Stoves etc.: Dilute 50-100ml per Litre of water depending on the type of soil to be removed (more grease, lower dilution – less water).
  • Greasy Clothes: Add 150-300ml per 7kg of wash, or a normal household wash load. When adding to a washing machine S21 MPC should be diluted before addition to ensure no adverse effects from adding neat S21 MPC to clothes. 
  • Aluminium Filters for Cooking Fume Hoods: Dilute 100ml per Litre of hot water and leave filter to soak for several hours. Agitation will improve grease removal.
  • Tyre and Rubber Marks: Apply neat, allow to dwell on the stain for about 60 seconds, scrub with an ENVIRONEX EAGER BEAVER and rinse off with copious amounts of water. If the mark remains,repeat the process.
  • Always test first.

Quantity Available 

1 Litre S21

Accessory Items you may require 

Eager Beaver Floor Tool  Eager Beaver Utility Pads Watering Can

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