Earthlife Fruit Blend


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Why use Earthlife Fruit Blend?

The main criteria required for establishing a healthy fruit tree is to ensure that the soil is balanced, an adequate supply of quality water is available and the planting stock is healthy and vigorous.

What does it do?

Provides a balance of nutrients as required by the fruiting plant. This improves the flowering of the plant as well as producing better quality fruit with enhanced keeping qualities. Promotes a more robust, healthier root system, which allows the plant to better withstand adverse conditions.

Where and when to use it

All newly planted or established fruit trees and other fruiting plants. Fruit Blend has been blended specifcally to enhance maturing fruit quality and improve shelf life, while maintaining healthy plant growth.

Application rates / How often do you use it?

YOUNG NON-BEARING PLANTS generally every 6 months.

ESTABLISHED PLANTS applied at various stages of growth, but generally 4-5 times per year. More often if necessary.

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