Beach Acronychia (Logan Apple) also known as Fraser island apple is an Australian Bush tucker plant  grows to approx 4 - 6.0m on the Sunshine Coast x 2-3m wide. in perfect conditions it can grow to approx 9m tall however most common heights are around 4-5 m

Acronychia imperforata (Fraser Island Apple)

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Acronychia imperforata, commonly known as the Beach Acronychia or Fraser Island Apple, is a hardy and attractive evergreen tree well-suited to coastal gardens and diverse landscapes. This Australian native tree features dense, glossy green foliage and produces clusters of small, fragrant, cream-colored flowers in late spring to summer, followed by fleshy, edible yellow fruits that attract birds and wildlife. Typically reaching a height of 3 to 10 metres, with a spread of 2 to 5 metres, it makes an excellent choice for windbreaks, screening, or as a specimen tree.

Thriving in well-draining sandy to loamy soils and full sun to partial shade, Acronychia imperforata is highly adaptable to various Australian climates, particularly coastal regions where it tolerates salt spray and sandy soils. It is also relatively drought-tolerant once established, requiring regular watering during the initial establishment phase. Pruning can help maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth, making it suitable for hedging and formal garden settings.

Acronychia imperforata is perfect for Australian gardeners seeking a resilient, low-maintenance tree that offers year-round interest and supports local wildlife. Its lush foliage, attractive flowers, and edible fruits make it a valuable addition to coastal and native gardens