50mm Link Edge - Aluminium Garden Edging

Link Edge

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Why Link Edge?

Because you want edging perfection! Link Edge let's you design and shape your garden, pavers, driveways and other outdoor areas anyway you want. Link Edge is visually appealing, and has many other advantages over other edging techniques.

  • Cement : It's a crack-up! Plus expensive to install, maintain and the looks? Hmm…
  • Wood : Rots, attracts pests and treated wood can contain nasty chemicals.
  • Plastic : Fades, cracks and do you really want that breaking down in your garden?
  • Steel : Rusts, develops sharp edges and is difficult to design with.

Sizes Available 

50mm x 2.0m Length 50mm x 3.0m Length

Accessories Required 

300mm Spike 
150mm Spike
Straight Connector 
Corner Unit 
We recommend using 4 x 300mm Spikes & 4 x Spike guides per 3.0m Length


iLandscape Sunshine Coast has Qualified &  Licensed Landscaping Staff for who can assist in providing more information on what can best suit your application




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