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ILandscape Sunshine Coast offers a FREE 1 x Hour In-House consult for everyone to be able to come in and utilise to create the best outcome for your Landscaping Project. this Free consult includes an itemised quote for the products chosen and or a sketch and or a pack of prices and brochures that can help you with your landscaping project

From plants to pavers and retaining walls to turf we can assist you in achieving the right result for the right price, the below is a list of some of their services including fees that we offer on top of the FREE in-house consult 

Landscape & Garden Consultation Includes

As part of your FREE landscaping consultation you will receive the following:

1 x 45min FREE in-house consultation to discuss your Landscaping layout or Hardscaping Project

From the initial landscaping layout meeting you will receive the following:

  • Hand drawn sketch containing the layout of where you would like your garden and turf – this will also be emailed to you
  • Itemised Estimation of the products and labour for your project. This will be emailed to you within 14 working days after the in-house consultation


1 x 45min FREE in-house Nursery Planting consultation to choose your plants

We will walk around with you and assist you in designing a garden layout for your project, at the end we can provide you with a itemised Quote on the plants that you have picked as well as a copy of the sketch of your new garden layout

As part of the initial FREE package you will also be able to make 1 x Design Layout change & 1 x Estimation Change.

Additional Fee Options

Outside of the initial Consult package the following Services are offered and the fees

  • 45min Onsite Visit - $200.00 – per visit
    • Extra time onsite will incur a charge @ $25.00 per 15 minutes
  • Extra In-house Design Consultation - $100.00 – per hour (Charged in 15min increments)
  • Extra In-house Nursery Consultation - $100.00 – per hour (Charged in 15min increments)
  • Hand Sketch Design Change - $50.00 – per change
  • Estimation Change - $50.00 – per change

CAD plans are available upon request for $800.00 – please allow approx. 2 weeks - (CAD plans are not required for landscaping)

iLandscape Sunshine Coast offers a Full Delivery Service - From plants and Pots being delivered in our enclosed Van to Crane Trucks, Moffat Mounty trucks and professional Plant Delivery Services we have you covered to Deliver any product you like - Ask our team on how we can get your products to site easily & safely 

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