Austral Hayman Smooth Retaining Wall System

Austral Masonry

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Hayman Retaining Wall by Austral Masonry

Rich natural colours and design flexibility with an exclusive smooth finish to the face of the block

Depending on what suits your overall desire, one thing is certain Hayman retaining wall blocks have the colour and finish for all landscaping projects.

They are structurally sound and are perfect for the 'do it yourself' weekend warrior. Hayman blocks require no mortar and are virtually maintenance free


*Please check with your local council in regards to engineering requirements.


    Charcoal Gumnut
    Limestone Oak

    Whilst these swatches provide a good indication of the products colour, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in aggregates, colours may vary.

    Product Size 


    Wall Block

    • Standard Unit 
    • Size: 390 L x 245 W x 198 H mm
    • Weight (each): 24 kg 
    • Face area: 13 units per m2

    Universal Corner Block

    • Universal Corner 
    • Size: 160 L x 360 W x 198 H mm
    • Weight (each): 17.2 kg

     Capping Unit

    • Capping Unit 
    • Size: 390 L x 245 W x 90 H mm
    • Weight (each): 16 kg 
    • 2.56 per lineal metre




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