EarthLIfe Garden Mate


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EarthLife Garden Mate

Garden Mate is a fast acting clay breaker with no need to dig it in, just water. Most people notice improvements in 2-3 weeks after application.

Why use Garden Mate?


  • Watering your garden and the water sits on top?
  • Bending the prongs on your digging fork?
  • Breaking the blade on your transplanting trowel? 
  • Watering your garden and the plants still wilt?

All of the above issues become a distant memory by using Garden Mate soil conditioner before, during and after preparation of your garden beds. 

What does it do? 


Garden Mate is a fast acting clay breaker with no need to dig it in, just water. Most people notice improvements in 2-3 weeks after proper application.

If not then re-apply.

Garden Mate breaks hydrophobic crust on all soil types, provides better moisture penetration, creates softer soil and improves drainage and nutrient availability.


Binds sand particles together in sandy soils which reduces nutrient leaching and improves moisture availability. 


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