Zahlia's Rear Garden Makeover

Sunshine Coast, Zahlia and her Mum Sally would love your Help

Join us in helping Zahlia build a great backyard create an outdoor space that she could enjoy, explore and get in touch with Nature, growing her own Fruit & Vegetables and being able to play in some Water, Swing on a swing and roll on nice grass.

Zahlia’s favourite place to be is outside. She loves colour, movement and especially interacting with other children.

At 12 weeks of age Zahlia was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome which is an extremely rare genetic disorder resulting in developmental delay and most children don’t walk, talk and struggle with the basics such as holding their head up, crawling or even smiling. She has an absent corpus callosum (the middle part of the brain which communicates between the right and left sides), severe brain damage on both hemispheres, daily seizures and lesions on her retina’s resulting in vision impairment. There are only around 180 – 200 Aicardi children currently alive in the world as life expectancy short.

Zahlia battles with seizures many times a day which affect her development. Her seizures are strong, and she often whimpers through them. Zahlia requires full time care and we’ve administered several anticonvulsants although haven’t found a medication yet which has stop the seizuring.

Visit Zeal for Zahlia to learn more about Zahlia's journey 

Next week Monday the 15th of October right through to the end of week Friday the 19th of October 2018 we will be going on air with Todd & Sami from the Mix FM drive home team to help gain assistance from the Sunshine Coast so we can complete a back yard design then install it the following week from Monday the 22nd October through to Saturday the 27th

If you would like to make a donation or know someone who can assist in working to create Zahlia's Backyard please don’t hesitate in contacting us at iLandscape 

Kindest Regards
Jason Kay

Visit Todd & Sami Page to see more on how to help 

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