Update Day One & Two of Zahlias Garden Makeover with Todd & Sami from 92.7 Mix FM

Day One:

What a great start from the Sunshine Coast community in rallying behind creating an outdoor back yard for Zahlia. we had a lot of people calling in and volunteering their time and products towards this awesome project. Huge thanks to Joel from Jeffrey earthworx and Neil from Chilli Bins for calling in to donate their time and services for Zahlia 


Day Two: 

We had a great day today with Poo-fection Plumbing calling in and donating some time to come and install all the Storm water down pipes and the ag pipe drainage and long with the donation pipes and fittings from Reece Plumbing & Irrigation Maroochydore we now have this part covered 


Huge thanks must also go to the following Businesses that have called in and donated their Time & Products towards Zahlia's Backyard Makeover 

  • Jeffrey Earthworx
  • Chilli Bins
  • Coastal Landscape Supplies 
  • Caloundra Produce & Landscape supplies 
  • Glenview Turf
  • Waterscapes Australia 
  • Coastal Dingo Hire
  • Sunnycoast excavations 
  • Reviro Softfall
  • Hydro Kleen
  • Austral Masonry
  • Greg Small Electrical 
  • Computer Cut Signs  
  • Tolly's Outdoors
  • Stilus Design & Construction 
  • Dean Holmes Landscaper
  • Transposed Living
  • Make a wish foundation - 

There are also countless volunteers who have called in to donate time towards the project and we would like to thank you so much for your generous support 

We are going to be continuing on Air for the rest of the week and we are looking forward to installing the project from Monday the 22nd of October through the final day of Saturday the 27th October 

Some of the materials we still require for the project  

  • Timber for Fence and some screens 
  • Plants 
  • Pool Panels & Posts for fencing 

If you know of anyone who would like to assist please don't hesitate in contacting us at iLandscape or contact Todd & Sami from 92.7 Mix FM  

Kindest regards 

Jason Kay 








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