Top 5 Indoor Plants on the Sunshine Coast

Top 5 Indoor Plants on the Sunshine Coast

Jason Kay Jason Kay
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On the Sunshine Coast we have, normally :), pretty consistent weather. this allows us to grow some pretty amazing plants. I thought we would go through our Nursery & Garden Centre and pick our Top 5 Indoor Plants to grow on the Sunshine Coast.

Plant 1.

Ficus Lyrata 

Also known as the Fiddle leaf fig. It is a Native of western Africa where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest. If in the ground and in good conditions the fiddle leaf fig can grow up to 12-15m tall however if grown in Pots and used indoors you can keep the fiddle leaf fig looking amazing and quite a feature piece in your house.


Plant 2.

Rhaphis excelsa 

more commonly know as a Lady Palm or Bamboo Palm this amazing indoor plant originated from Southern China and Taiwan. It is a slower growing plant which makes it perfect for indoor use. its more slender and narrower growth pattern also lends itself to be used more regularly as it doesn't take up a lot of space but can also provide some height against a wall or corner feature.

Plant 3.

Strelitzia Nicolai

We recommend that you grow this plant in a pot and we use them more often as Indoor feature plants because of the beautiful waxy green foliage. It is also commonly known as the Giant Bird of Paradise which is actually a species of banana like plants that can grow up to 6 m in height and 3-4m wide if planted in the ground. 

Strelitzia Nicholai - online

Strelitzia Nicholai - online


We mainly grow our Strelitzia Nicolai as indoor plants however they are sun hardened and can be grown in the ground if you have the space Strelitzia nicolai is commonly known as the wild banana or giant white bird of paradise,… read more

Plant 4.

Ficus elastica burgandy

Ficus Elastica Burgundy is also commonly known as the "Rubber plant" and has beautiful green to burgundy coloured leaves. The rubber plant makes an excellent indoor plant, very hardy and doesn't require much attention to be kept looking great. you can also trim or chop the main branches on a ficus burgandy to encourage the plant to thicken out and bush up more . 

Ficus Elastica Burgundy - online

Ficus Elastica Burgundy - online


Ficus Elastica Burgundy has beautiful green to burgundy coloured leaves and makes an excellent indoor plant, very hardy plant that requires not much attention. As we can not guarantee availability all year around for plants & pots, please contact us for… read more

Plant 5.


The peace lily is one of the best indoor plants if your kicking out for the first time with Indoor plants and wanted to learn how to grow them. they respond very well to water if they become stressed and you can get them back quite easily. they are also a great breed of plant to collect for all growers as they are available in so many different variations 

to check out more indoor plants please visit our Indoor plants section on our Website

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