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Posted 2014-07-17

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Waterscapes Australia in Motion
Looking for some very creative ideas in Ponds, Pondless Streams and Waterfalls ??? check out some of the collection of works from Patrick Handley and his team at Waterscapes Australia
Callistemon viminalis Bottlebrush
SLIMâ„¢ Callistemon viminalis 'CV01' PBR. Slim is a new narrow Bottlebrush, great for screen planting.

Slim has a unique narrow growth habit perfect for tight planting areas and a nice display of classic red bottle brush flowers in spring and autumn.

Slim will grow approximately 3m tall x 1.3m wide, but it can be pruned down to 1.5m high and as thin as 60cm Perfect for tight planting areas including thin garden beds, along fence lines or along walls.