How to seal your Pavers and Blocks
Author: Jason Kay
Date Posted: April 08, 2017

The following is a step by step guide on How to seal your pavers, Pool Pavers and Masonry Block Walls. From Natural Stone to Masonry after installation all of these products require cleaning and sealing 

How to Clean & Seal Masonry Pavers & Blocks 

  1. Mix Anti Eff with Water as per instructions on label in a Watering Can 
  2. Wash down project area with water from Hose Apply anti eff mixture evenly over area to be cleaned in approx. 1m2 sections at a time 
  3. Use Eager Beaver Pad to clean area using a circular to figure 8 motion
  4. Wash down project area with water from Hose to wash off Anti Eff Mixture Repeat process until entire area has been cleaned
  5. Mix Refresh as per instructions and apply to area that has just been cleaned Wash off with fresh water and allow to dry 
  6. Once area is totally dry your chosen sealer can be applied using a Lamb’s wool applicator or Viton Sprayer Unit 

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